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Altered Mailbox – Valentine’s Day

This altered mailbox is perfect for stuffing Valentine’s in, giving Valentine’s, giving cookies, using for a bridal shower, or wedding. I loved making it and it was just so much fun.

I’m happy to announce that it is also for sale in my shop — www.sugarbearcreations.etsy.com — if you would like to purchase or request a custom mailbox. Enjoy!

Altered Valentine's Mailbox from the side

Altered Valentine's Mailbox from the side

Altered Mailbox Details

Altered Mailbox Details

Altered Mailbox

Altered Mailbox

Altered Mailbox Back

Altered Mailbox Back

These boxes are great.  At 5×7 size these boxes can be covered using just a few pieces of paper.  Utilize pop dots when you create yours to give depth and dimension to your own altered mailbox!


Easy Christmas Tags

I’ll get to the easy to make homemade Christmas tags in a minute….

Craftie Gal!  Where have you been?….you’re probably asking.  I’ve been deep in a crafting coma, coming up only briefly for water and the occasional slice of cheese.

In all seriousness, the “craft room” project that is nearing completion and has taken a year to sort has occupied a lot of my time as I am hosting 2 gatherings in December and need that space to be nearly done to accommodate all the crafters I hope will attend!  I am preparing the “world’s greatest blog post” to share with you all the changes and ideas I’ve incorporated into the space and when I’m done I think that you’ll be energized and encouraged to work on organizing your scrapbook room.

In the meantime I start crafting for the holiday early.  This easy to make snowman tag may be the cheapest thing you ever make.  This paper crafted tag cost only $1 and change!



1. Find a stamp that you like.  This one I found at Michael’s for only $1.00!  I have used it on over a dozen tags!

2. Cut a circle out of white paper (you could use a sizzix like I did OR you can freehand it OR use your circle cutter).  Make it out of scrap to make this the cheapest project ever.

3. Stamp snowman overlapping slightly across card.

4. Color in the snowmen using gel pens.  Add buttons with black gel pen.

5. Draw a border using pens.  I used Le Plume pens that you can find at any major crafting retailer.

6. Stick tag on a present, add recipient’s name, and pat yourself on the back for only spending $1 to make this super cute tag.

Paper Pieced Animals

There are only two rules at Sunday Night Craftie Club: (1) No talking about work (which made more sense when we all worked together) and (2) You have to make something.

I wasn’t feeling well on Sunday, but that doesn’t mean I broke rule #2! I had to find something to make and I was inspired by one friend’s latest adventure — joining a sorority! Their mascot is a giraffe, so I made one for her. The other girls were jealous so I had to make animals for them too!!


**I free hand most of my work, but I sketch it out first just to have an idea for dimensions.

**Then I draw only half the piece on a folded white paper so that the pieces come out symmetrical.

**I cut out a template and then trace and cut on the color I want!

**Ink the pieces to add dimension

**Add details by hand with a black pen