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Disney Scrapbook Cover

Disney Scrapbook CoverCheck out this Disney scrapbook cover.  This diamond fold book is supposed to hold CDs for my husband….if I ever actually burn them for him!  In the meantime the cover looks really awesome.  I used a Minnie font with the pazzle to create this cool looking title.  I love having that option, but using the pazzle and cricut make pages take even longer…but the payoff’s worth it!!!


More Disney Paper Piecing – Monster’s Inc.

mikeweb2 Paper Piecing Disney characters is as easy as digging through your kid’s coloring books! Until there is a pixar cricut cartridge, I’ll settle for making my own using coloring pages as a template.

PS: These are also part of a Disney swap I am participating in.  If you have never joined a swap find some friends or a message board and look around for links about “swapping.”  People swap everything from page elements (photo mats & titles) to entire pages.  Over the next week I’ll be posting more of my submissions to a Disney scrapbook swap in whic I’m participating.

Paper Piecing-Disney

Mad Hatter paper piecingteacups paper piecing

I’m sitting alone in the basement tonight trying to finish up some Disney paper piecing items for a Disney swap that I am involved in (more on that tomorrow).  It’s what’s been keeping me from the blog.  Look how great they turned out!!!

These were specifically for a “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” attraction page.

PS: I’m rocking out to David Cook…it’s what’s keeping me going when I’m on the 16th teacup. 🙂

More 8×8 Disney Pages

Sometimes keeping it simple results in some awesome pages. It also helps if you use a smaller page for bigger punch. It seemed perfect to wrinkle up and age the tag in the first layout below. I used a stamp to make the lines and added the embellishments on the side with brads and fibers.

This paper is so versatile I used it again for our trip to AZ, but it works just as well here!

You’ll also note that I add a title by stamping in brown on brown and it looks like it came like that. Check for the “Everest” title next to the tag.

Animal Kingdom

Below is the first time I have actually EVER used the journal stamps I bought. How ridiculous. I’ve had them for at least a year. More on that later. Enjoy:

Animal Kingdom

This last one was just plain fun. There are some subtle additions here including rub-ons by Doodlebug, one of my favorite lines!

Animal Kingdom

8×8 Albums

Yesterday’s post included some of the pages from an 8×8 album I did for my sister-in-law. I find myself doing more and more pages for friends than for myself lately!

You’ve probably noticed that I kept things very simple (I had to do like 50 pages for the holidays, okay?), but I tried to make them cool when possible.

For added, but subtle, effect I used the Cricut machine to cut the various Mickey ears (thank you Lindy-friend!). It is the Mickey font, but also includes all those great Mickey ears that Disney fans love.

Personally I think that the cricut is worth it just for those ears! And to prove it…here’s a few more pages with those great Mickey ears:



Disney Scrapbook Pages

Here’s just a quick look at what I gave my sister-in-law for Christmas…she met up with us for our annual trip and these pages were the result:

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

Disney Castle Scrapbook Page

This simple page was easy and quick to make.  It was also a great addition to a Honeymoon album my friends and I put together as a wedding gift.

Let’s face it…who has time to make their own Honeymoon Scrapbook?  It certainly takes a back seat to children, work, and maintaining the home!!!  Most people I know would love to just get their photos of their kids in an album.  We decided to make it easy on this bride by creating some pre-made pages for her.  Together then three of us were to complete 12 two-page spreads, making it easy to get those photos right into an album.


This page only needed 5 sheets of paper: 2 blue for the background, 1 blue for the bottom border, 1 blue (could also be scrap paper) for the diamond border on the bottom, 1 white.

Additional items: adhesive, diamond die cut (I used sizzix, but you could always make your own template), decorative scissor, yellow ink, and castle embellishment.

I put the castle on a white square and inked it with yellow.  The white vertical squares are 4 1/4 x 6 1/4 inches to accommodate pictures.  The White diamond on the right hand side is for journaling and was adhered behind the page, but not on top to leave room to add a photo.  The bottom blue stripes were four inches.

Easy to make, fun to enjoy!