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Scrapbook Journaling

A while back I posted a page where I used my journal stamps for the first time. I want to revisit that conversation and talk a little bit about how that happened.

In the course of organizing my scrapbooking room I’ve read a lot of great books about organizing your scrapbook space. I took a little bit of advice from each of them and spent a lot of time thinking about my personal scrapbooking style.

I particularly liked a suggestion to make a scrapbook journaling basket to make it easy to start journaling. With everything you need in one place you can’t procrastinate yourself out of journaling on your pages.

Scrapbook Journaling Basket

Scrapbook Journaling Basket

What’s In My Scrapbook Journaling Basket:

Journaling Stamps: specifically, a circle stamp I LOVE by 7 Gypsies, a stamp with lines on it, and a sweet little stamp of Winnie the Pooh who is writing a note with a big feather pen.
Journaling Squares: Have you seen these journaling squares in stores? You can get them on a 12×12 sheet and punch them out for using in your scrapbook! I keep them in the basket so that I can grab them quickly when I’m ready to write.

Good Pens: I prefer the Zig pens.
I know that the cost might deter you as it did me for the first 20 times, but you get a crisp black line and in various sizes with the Zig set that I have. I highly recommend them to anyone doing very fine work like journaling (on scrapbook pages or on your own!).


A new use for an old thing…

Tool Tray

This tray for scrapbook tools came from my kitchen!  I cleaned out my utensil drawer and got rid of this organizer–it wasn’t helping to organize anything!  I put this kitchen drawer organizer to good use by organizing my current scrapbook tools-those must-have items while making a page.

I started using this tool tray last week.  I am constantly losing my scissors and adhesive under papers and pages so when I work I put things back in here and I can find them.  It also helps with easy clean up (I can just pop all the tools in there while I wipe off the table) and mobility.  I can grab my tray of scrapbook tools and scrapbook while I watch TV or work in another part of my craftie space.

I suggest that you look around house for unused or poorly used organizing items that you could use to organize your supplies!

Storing Scrapbook Ribbon

Storing Scrapbook Ribbon--no matter what form it's in

Storing Scrapbook Ribbon--no matter what form it's in

I store my ribbon by color on this ribbon board! I looked around for a long time for something affordable and that would hold all my stuff. I saw a lot of neat things, but nothing that did everything I wanted for the price I wanted. I designed and created this board myself.

It cost around $18 and holds a ton of ribbon–in whatever form it comes in: on cards, loose, or on rolls.

Quick run down on supplies:
The back is a piece of a cabinet from Ikea’s “AS-IS” section. I got it for $2
While I was there I picked up two shelf brackets for a couple bucks and a shelf piece. $5
I found 2 hooks (for the upper rod) in my “hardware” box
Bought 2 dowels for 76 cents each at Michael’s.
I bought the lower too “hooks” (which are actually brackets for a curtain rod) at Ikea a long time ago but didn’t need them. So that $3 doesn’t count! I also used hooks for one of their curtain systems for the top ribbon attachments. I bought them for something else and never used them…that $3 doesn’t count either!
The toughest part was finding the hardware to mount this board on a cement wall in the basement. $6

I store the rolls of ribbon on the lower rod (there is even room to add another rod if you have a lot of rolled ribbon). Loose ribbon gets put in glass jars. Yes, this might make it wrinkly, but there’s no way I want to deal with hanging it by hooks on the upper section. Finally, ribbons on cards get hooked onto the hanging rod on top.

This really only works if you have a large space where you can mount this board, but you could also scale it down and put it inside a cabinet.

So far it’s working out well for me!

What’s most important when organizing your ribbon is to think about how you scrapbook. Do you need it organized by color or by company? Do you want to coordinate it so that storing it with buttons and stickers makes more sense or does it need a home of its own? How much money are you willing to spend on it? Do you go to crops a lot? Is it better to have them on cards in a little case you grab when you leave the house?

I would encourage you to give a great deal of thought to how you think, scrapbook, and organize before you just jump into organizing your supplies and commit to a certain organizing system. I looked at lots of ribbon options, but I ultimately decided this fit all my needs the best.

By the way, I am more likely to use ribbon on a layout now that I have it organized by color! Go tackle your stash so you can unleash your creative ribbon side!

My Scrapbook Space

How I've organized my space

How I've organized my space

I know that you probably have a pile of scrapbooking things leftover from the holidays that you have yet to put away, or better still, new things you got as gifts!

Anyway, I figured it’s about time I shared a photo of my space. This is part of an area I have in the unfinished part of our basement. These shelves and drawers hold most of my embellishments and stamping supplies and even things for altered art. Over on the workbench I store my sizzix. When I put everything out where we can see it I find that it gets used a lot more, so I moved all the dies from the drawer to the workbench. I store larger tools, cutters, rulers, scissors, and other creative things in the pull out drawers. Lamps are from ikea! Enjoy!

WHEW! More organizing of craftie space…

What a great day this has been. My craftie space is in my basement and while one half of the basement looks like the pile that time forgot, the craftie space is looking better.

I’m afraid that things might be growing under the pile of stuff I’m hording so I started cleaning up the “storage” side of the basement tonight. I got through a lot and I found some things that I needed (and now I don’t have to buy them!): an extra set of measuring cups, empty CD cases (for storing clear acrylic stamps), and 2 notebooks.

A little while later some friends joined me for my regular Sunday craftie night…after attempting to make a layout based on a sketch–that really does not work for me at all by the way–I ended up sorting through a pile of miscellaneous stuff that has been stacked up.

As I sorted my things I pulled out things that remind me of people…a note from my sister, a drawing from my brother. I’m hoping to incorporate them into a scrapbook page for each sibling about our relationship and what they mean to me. I’m saving it for their birthday.

Oh, and I played with MY NEW CRICUT!!!!