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CraftieGal is on Vacation…

Hi Craftie Friends!

I am off to vacation today for 10 days!!

In our family vacation means to truly “vacate” the house, the state, and leave all our electronics behind.  Armed only with a camera we set off to enjoy ourselves!

Check back after October 5th for details of my fabulous trip including the awesome trip itinerary I made for our family!


Paper Pieced Animals

There are only two rules at Sunday Night Craftie Club: (1) No talking about work (which made more sense when we all worked together) and (2) You have to make something.

I wasn’t feeling well on Sunday, but that doesn’t mean I broke rule #2! I had to find something to make and I was inspired by one friend’s latest adventure — joining a sorority! Their mascot is a giraffe, so I made one for her. The other girls were jealous so I had to make animals for them too!!


**I free hand most of my work, but I sketch it out first just to have an idea for dimensions.

**Then I draw only half the piece on a folded white paper so that the pieces come out symmetrical.

**I cut out a template and then trace and cut on the color I want!

**Ink the pieces to add dimension

**Add details by hand with a black pen


Can you craft when you are sick?

The last few days have just worn me out! I’m fighting through a cold trying to make it to next Friday (the day before our family vacation!) and I want to be healthy so that we can have some fun!

In the meantime this was a momentous day all on its own…my watermelon was ripe enough to pick! I can’t wait to cut it open later and take a big juicy bite. I’ll post pictures tomorrow!

It’s Late on Thursday…

and my family has been visiting for more than a week!  Because of our many home improvement projects I haven’t had time to scrap, but I can’t wait to turn this photo into a scrapbook page: Grillin’ Girl!!!

New Adventures….Old Projects

For the longest time I wanted to add a dry erase board to my craftie space.  Not just a small one that you could pick up anywhere, but a huge one…classroom size.  Unfortunately a large dry erase board was hard to find.

Instead I found dry erase paint.  Tonight my Dad and I went to get a board large enough to paint.  We saran wrapped it to the car (no joke) and drove home at 25 miles per hour.

This adventure is DEFINITELY scrapbook worthy.

Zutter Entry

I am trying new things and trying to expand my craftie presence….for those of you who follow my work you know that I (a) LOVE mini-albums and (b) LOVE the Zutter Bind-It-All system which is a great way to solve any of your mini-album binding woes (it also solves a host of other scrappy dilemmas as well!).

They recently had a design team call and I designed a few projects for their “try out.”  It’s kind of scary thing because you create something that YOU love and YOU enjoy, but then you kind of put it out there to see if other people think it’s valuable.  It they don’t like it you could wind up thinking “maybe my stuff isn’t as good as I thought.”  It’s a risky endeavor and a little outside my comfort zone, but I follow the old adage: “No risk, no reward.”

Included in my entry was the mini-album below from an anniversary trip I took last June.
Zutter Entry Mini-Albums

MY TIP: When you have a great establishing photo or landscape photo like in the middle photo on the left, use it as a mini-album page all on its own.

View other Zutter projects here

Latest Adventures…Trash the Dress

Well, it took me a long time to get the courage to do this, but I decided that instead of preserving my wedding dress or cutting it up to make something else, I was going to trash it.

A growing trend among brides is to “trash the dress.” After their wedding they don the dress one last time and take pictures in places a wedding dress should never go….on a rusty car, in a lake, standing in front of a graffiti wall.

The contrast between a pristine white dress and a more edgy back drop makes for some beautiful photos that were just too good to pass up!

After brainstorming with my photographer I decided I really wanted photos with elephants.

Here’s a few of my favorites: