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Organizing Pays

In the ongoing saga that is: Organizing the craftie space, I sorted through some cards and found a $50 bill.

Organizing Pays.


October 12 on the 12

Only One Photo Memory Card!

This last vacation I wanted to travel without a laptop (mostly so that we were not tempted to check e-mail or surf the web while we were on vacation), but this presented a photo storage space problem.

If you are like me then you dump all your digital photos to your computer so that you have a fresh storage card to start with the next day.  Without a backup system this presents a challenge to the photo-happy photographer!

Here are my strategies for surviving vacation with only one photo memory card!

(1) Take a lot of photos each day. Yes, I know this makes no sense if you need to conserve space, but the pressure of conserving space can force you to skip a shot that otherwise captures the perfect moment.

(2) At night, review your shots from that day….delete the ones that are blurry, are duplicates, where people have their eyes closed. Keep only the best shots from the day…keep shots that are significant, even if they aren’t the best photography you’ve ever done.

(3) As you get closer to the end of your trip you can take a second look at photos from the first few days and make a critical edit.  Delete photos you don’t need, but thought you did the first time through. I had about 12 fireworks photos and as I really thought about it I knew that I would only use a few when it came down to the actual scrapbook page.  On the last day of our trip I needed some photo space for a tour we took.  I deleted 5 more photos of fireworks that I hadn’t deleted the first time.  I really didn’t need them, but it took me a day or two to make that critical edit.

Why you should limit yourself to only the photos your camera will hold:

(1) You’re forced to focus on shots you want (for example…I KNOW that I don’t need 18 photos of Cinderella’s Castle….but one with Winne the Pooh is a different story)

(2) You don’t end up with a bunch of photos you don’t need!

(3) Scrapbook time is so much easier when you have to deal with fewer (and better) photos!  Easier to plan, easier to finish, cheaper to print.

(4) You put down the camera more; Instead of trying to capture every second of every day I spend more time enjoying every second of every day…making the photos that much more meaningful.

Sometimes I think that we get caught up in the “photography” of the moment and miss the enjoyment of the moment altogether.  Limiting yourself to only the photos your camera will hold can actually be more freeing than you’d think!

Fireworks Photos

Before leaving for WDW I got some tips for shooting at night.  Mostly it involved setting my camera to the highest ISO possible and/or setting my camera to “night” setting.  Here are some of my great photos!

Castle at Night
Fireworks 2

Back from Vacation!

I’m happy to say that I am back from vacation!  All aboard the craftie-express towards Christmas.  Starting this week I will be posting a few things about Christmas crafts and mostly getting for Christmas.  Yes, I know that it’s still October, but Halloween is knocking on the door and do you realize that we are only 11 weeks from Christmas?!  Just that thought is a little overwhelming.

My goal this week is to make a bunch of Christmas tags for my presents.  (Why buy when you can make?!)

I’ll post photos and ideas later this week.