Paper Pieced Animals

There are only two rules at Sunday Night Craftie Club: (1) No talking about work (which made more sense when we all worked together) and (2) You have to make something.

I wasn’t feeling well on Sunday, but that doesn’t mean I broke rule #2! I had to find something to make and I was inspired by one friend’s latest adventure — joining a sorority! Their mascot is a giraffe, so I made one for her. The other girls were jealous so I had to make animals for them too!!


**I free hand most of my work, but I sketch it out first just to have an idea for dimensions.

**Then I draw only half the piece on a folded white paper so that the pieces come out symmetrical.

**I cut out a template and then trace and cut on the color I want!

**Ink the pieces to add dimension

**Add details by hand with a black pen



One response to “Paper Pieced Animals

  1. Very cute animals, I try drawing patterns, not having alot of luck. Do you share your paper piecing pattens?

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