Adding Drama to Your Photos…

wedding dress photo

wedding dress photo edit

Take a look at the original of this photo! YIKES! Not only is the background amazingly colorful, but this is not a very flattering photo of the dress!

By contrast, the edited photo adds drama to a photo that deserves it! Use any photo editing software (I use FREE software called Shutterfly Studio from and you don’t have to purchase your pictures from them to use it…although that certainly makes it easier, doesn’t it?).

INSTRUCTIONS: Crop your photo. Add a sepia tone effect. Admire your work. 🙂

As March is my photo month I purged, edited organized, and printed photos to get my scrapbooking on pace for this year (my goal is 365 pages…I think I’ve done like 8). I’m heavy into several projects for other people including a wedding album for my brother…thus, I’m editing wedding photos today so I can print them next week. More soon…


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