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Disney Castle Scrapbook Page

This simple page was easy and quick to make.  It was also a great addition to a Honeymoon album my friends and I put together as a wedding gift.

Let’s face it…who has time to make their own Honeymoon Scrapbook?  It certainly takes a back seat to children, work, and maintaining the home!!!  Most people I know would love to just get their photos of their kids in an album.  We decided to make it easy on this bride by creating some pre-made pages for her.  Together then three of us were to complete 12 two-page spreads, making it easy to get those photos right into an album.


This page only needed 5 sheets of paper: 2 blue for the background, 1 blue for the bottom border, 1 blue (could also be scrap paper) for the diamond border on the bottom, 1 white.

Additional items: adhesive, diamond die cut (I used sizzix, but you could always make your own template), decorative scissor, yellow ink, and castle embellishment.

I put the castle on a white square and inked it with yellow.  The white vertical squares are 4 1/4 x 6 1/4 inches to accommodate pictures.  The White diamond on the right hand side is for journaling and was adhered behind the page, but not on top to leave room to add a photo.  The bottom blue stripes were four inches.

Easy to make, fun to enjoy!


Wedding Favors

I was digging some of my craft supplies the other day and found these little gems.  I made these tags to tie on chocolate favors for the guests at my friend’s wedding.  I think the guests enjoyed the photos more than the chocolate!


These are simple if you use a collage program like Shutterfly offers to resize and print multiple photos in a small size.  Using their engagement photos I found the perfect size for the tags (about 2-3 inches tall and rather narrow).  I used a hand punch to make the tags.  The THANKS tag is made from silver ink, swirl stamp, and blue ink and a THANKS stamp I found in the clear stamp $1 bin at Michael’s!  (Does anyone else find themselves spending $30 at the dollar bin?????!)

Launching now….

Well, tonight is momentous for so many reasons, but mostly because I’m starting this new blog for my new creative self. I’ve always been a creative person and I love to express that creativity in scrapbooking.  There’s something about cutting, pasting, and designing that is therapeutic for me.  It’s relaxing, requires total focus, and just puts my mind in another place.  I’m sure I don’t need to tell you about how great it feels to accomplish something and scrapbooking gets you there faster than cleaning the kitchen (and plus it’s more fun!).

For the last four years I’ve spent time moving in so many directions: running a scrapbook website, creating projects, holding workshops in my home, and trying to have a job too (in politics, in retail, in business)!  Some things have been successful.  Some things have failed.  Some things worked out, but only for a while. But always it seemed I was searching for something.  I needed focus and direction.  Some place to funnel all this ambition.

Now,  life is more settled.  I’m not moving in so many directions at once.  In fact, I feel free, even though my life has more obligations than ever before–being married, owning a home, and trying to maintain relationships and make new friends.

Well, tonight begins a new way of life….full of crafting and creating, focusing on the thing I LOVE BEST and not the things that people think I should be doing, things I studied for and therefore should pursue, or things that have a clear end.

Instead, bring on uncertainty and creativity!

Bring on mistakes and adventures!

Bring on challenges and new obstacles!

I hope you’ll join me on this journey to explore my creative side.  It will be fun for both of us.

Altered Blocks

Using Fancy Pants Designs chipboard and rub-ons this block celebrated a trip to NYC with friends.

Using Fancy Pants Designs chipboard and rub-ons this block celebrated a trip to NYC with friends.

I love stepping outside the scrapbook page – so to speak – and using photos in different ways. This photo block is one of a series that look great on a bookshelf or above the fireplace.

I like using spray adhesive for the background pieces and the xyron for the rest. I used white paint to make the paper look distressed.

Altered Art: Princess Box

For keeping treasures!

For keeping treasures!

This little gift was a present for a young girl’s birthday party.  I had so much fun planning and making this gift.

Some tips:

(1) I mixed my own paint.  Paint and then decorate on two separate days.

(2) I used the pazzle to create the fabulous lettering for the top.

(3) The best adhesive for the chipboard on top is super glue!  Press it for a few seconds with your hands to make sure that it adheres.

12 on the 12th

What a great idea that has been passed around between bloggers and among crafties. On the 12th of each month take 12 pictures to capture your daily life. Here are my 12 from yesterday!