Moving to blogger…

So that I have more options and more features with which to WOW you with my creative genius I am moving this blog to blogger. Find me at


Free Journal Card…

A lot of the scrapbook magazines (more on this tomorrow) have great online features that are available to everyone regardless of your subscription.

This link:

…will lead you to a journal card that you can download and write on for those moments when you have something to say, and no page to say it on yet!

Why no photos?

Yup, I know. I haven’t posted any photos or projects in a long time.

It’s not that I haven’t taken any. I’ve taken a lot and I’ve even made a dozen or so pages over the last month.

The reason is: I’m lazy.

To scan a page takes at least 5 steps, maybe more depending on if you count each physical stair I have to trek to get to the scanner. And…let’s face it…a photo just doesn’t a layout justice most of the time.

If you have any tips on how to make the scan/stitch/re-size/edit/post process of layout photos to this blog…let me know.

Adding Drama to Your Photos…

wedding dress photo

wedding dress photo edit

Take a look at the original of this photo! YIKES! Not only is the background amazingly colorful, but this is not a very flattering photo of the dress!

By contrast, the edited photo adds drama to a photo that deserves it! Use any photo editing software (I use FREE software called Shutterfly Studio from and you don’t have to purchase your pictures from them to use it…although that certainly makes it easier, doesn’t it?).

INSTRUCTIONS: Crop your photo. Add a sepia tone effect. Admire your work. 🙂

As March is my photo month I purged, edited organized, and printed photos to get my scrapbooking on pace for this year (my goal is 365 pages…I think I’ve done like 8). I’m heavy into several projects for other people including a wedding album for my brother…thus, I’m editing wedding photos today so I can print them next week. More soon…

I’ve Returned!

I’ve been vacationing for the last 2 weeks in sunny FL. Let’s just say that where I live…not so sunny. In fact, it’s been downright dreary since I’ve gotten home! Who manages to get out of bed in a place like this!

Anyway, I sort of spent a lot, yeah, let’s just say that, on scrapbook supplies in February so I’m trying to be more frugal this month to make up for it.

So, instead of buying scrapbook supplies, I’m working on organizing photos and getting ready for all that new paper I know that I can afford next month! Check out my next post to read more about it.

Disney Scrapbook Cover

Disney Scrapbook CoverCheck out this Disney scrapbook cover.  This diamond fold book is supposed to hold CDs for my husband….if I ever actually burn them for him!  In the meantime the cover looks really awesome.  I used a Minnie font with the pazzle to create this cool looking title.  I love having that option, but using the pazzle and cricut make pages take even longer…but the payoff’s worth it!!!

More Disney Paper Piecing – Monster’s Inc.

mikeweb2 Paper Piecing Disney characters is as easy as digging through your kid’s coloring books! Until there is a pixar cricut cartridge, I’ll settle for making my own using coloring pages as a template.

PS: These are also part of a Disney swap I am participating in.  If you have never joined a swap find some friends or a message board and look around for links about “swapping.”  People swap everything from page elements (photo mats & titles) to entire pages.  Over the next week I’ll be posting more of my submissions to a Disney scrapbook swap in whic I’m participating.