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I’ve Returned!

I’ve been vacationing for the last 2 weeks in sunny FL. Let’s just say that where I live…not so sunny. In fact, it’s been downright dreary since I’ve gotten home! Who manages to get out of bed in a place like this!

Anyway, I sort of spent a lot, yeah, let’s just say that, on scrapbook supplies in February so I’m trying to be more frugal this month to make up for it.

So, instead of buying scrapbook supplies, I’m working on organizing photos and getting ready for all that new paper I know that I can afford next month! Check out my next post to read more about it.


Update on Craftie Gal!

Hi all…I know that you are probably eagerly awaiting another post from me. I am still on vacation and traveling in California! What a great trip this has been! I have much to share with you and show you so just hang with me a little while longer until I get back to posting. In the meantime, I’m sure that you have photos to sort and/or print!

Cutie Pie in California!

Hello Craftie Friends!!!

This week I am in California visiting family and friends.  I have brought some crafting with me (more on that later), but in the meantime…look at this cutie I get to spend time with!


Check back tomorrow for more on what I’ve been working on and this weekend for some journaling tips!

Sunday Night Crafting Update!

My regular Sunday Night Craftie friends just left.

I spent the evening catching up on some “family” themed pages I started working on before Christmas (I’ll post a pic soon). I also got back into some great little things I’ve been working on, notably: a Winnie the Pooh altered canvas trio that I’ve been creating mostly from things I found in the clearance section–awesome! I am not all-crafted out, but it is getting late and in addition to my craftie life I have a very demanding personal life that is begging for my attention tomorrow. I still thought you should know what I’ve been up to.

In the meantime you should check out this completely awesome site: http://www.wordle.net It will change the way you make titles forever!

Happy New Year!

I started my New Year by making 3 different kinds of dip and then throwing out a bunch of stuff I have in storage. Seriously…who needs some of this stuff??? An old vase that even grandma wouldn’t use? Empty containers and boxes for those presents I meant to send, but didn’t?

I also decided to add to my life by:
-joining a freecycle (www.freecycle.org) network in my area to donate things for free to people who might want them
-joining an online forum for crafties to spread the joy and love of scrapbooking and to get some great new ideas…oh and to make new friends
-vowed to throw out all the junk food in the house just as soon as my house guests leave. I end up eating more of it than they do.

Oh, and I ended the day by watching the USC Trojans put the beat down on Penn State. Go Trojans!!!

WHEW! More organizing of craftie space…

What a great day this has been. My craftie space is in my basement and while one half of the basement looks like the pile that time forgot, the craftie space is looking better.

I’m afraid that things might be growing under the pile of stuff I’m hording so I started cleaning up the “storage” side of the basement tonight. I got through a lot and I found some things that I needed (and now I don’t have to buy them!): an extra set of measuring cups, empty CD cases (for storing clear acrylic stamps), and 2 notebooks.

A little while later some friends joined me for my regular Sunday craftie night…after attempting to make a layout based on a sketch–that really does not work for me at all by the way–I ended up sorting through a pile of miscellaneous stuff that has been stacked up.

As I sorted my things I pulled out things that remind me of people…a note from my sister, a drawing from my brother. I’m hoping to incorporate them into a scrapbook page for each sibling about our relationship and what they mean to me. I’m saving it for their birthday.

Oh, and I played with MY NEW CRICUT!!!!

Organizing Pays

In the ongoing saga that is: Organizing the craftie space, I sorted through some cards and found a $50 bill.

Organizing Pays.