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Disney Scrapbook Cover

Disney Scrapbook CoverCheck out this Disney scrapbook cover.  This diamond fold book is supposed to hold CDs for my husband….if I ever actually burn them for him!  In the meantime the cover looks really awesome.  I used a Minnie font with the pazzle to create this cool looking title.  I love having that option, but using the pazzle and cricut make pages take even longer…but the payoff’s worth it!!!


More Disney Paper Piecing – Monster’s Inc.

mikeweb2 Paper Piecing Disney characters is as easy as digging through your kid’s coloring books! Until there is a pixar cricut cartridge, I’ll settle for making my own using coloring pages as a template.

PS: These are also part of a Disney swap I am participating in.  If you have never joined a swap find some friends or a message board and look around for links about “swapping.”  People swap everything from page elements (photo mats & titles) to entire pages.  Over the next week I’ll be posting more of my submissions to a Disney scrapbook swap in whic I’m participating.

Paper Piecing-Disney

Mad Hatter paper piecingteacups paper piecing

I’m sitting alone in the basement tonight trying to finish up some Disney paper piecing items for a Disney swap that I am involved in (more on that tomorrow).  It’s what’s been keeping me from the blog.  Look how great they turned out!!!

These were specifically for a “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” attraction page.

PS: I’m rocking out to David Cook…it’s what’s keeping me going when I’m on the 16th teacup. 🙂

Blogs I’m Reading

I’m sitting alone in California right now.  It doesn’t happen often on vacation.  I thought that I’d take a quick look at a few blogs that I try to read on a regular basis.   My best friend has been bugging me for the links to things I read…so here’s one that I check out quite often:

I especially the detail she includes on each page, like the embellishments she uses on this post:

Scrapbooking while traveling

I don’t know about you, but when I am away from my scrapbooks for too long I start to suffer withdrawl!

Making something with my hands is like therapy so I eagerly await the moments when I can tune out the rest of life and happily cut papers and make scrapbook pages.

When I travel I try to bring a little project with me. Thought you might like to share in my great idea:

Craftie Gal’s Scrapbook Withdrawal Prevention Kit!


Pre-cut titles and shadows for various titles

Xyron (sticker-maker) 150 (the small one)

Pre-cut shapes for cards (in this case I have easter cards that made last year that I never finished…the base of the card is complete so I brought the shapes and pieces for the rest of it)

Xyron (sticker-maker) 500 (the medium sized one + refill)

black journaling pen

tombo adhesive (x2)

I prepped everything before I left and made 5 “Hunny” titles, 16 cards, 2 elephants with hearts, and 8 “birth” titles.  It gave me something to do and provided a creative outlet even though I was away from home.  I will post pictures just as soon as upload them from my camera!

I highly recommend that you bring your own little kit of things to work on when you are on vacation–whether you finish up a paper piecing from your cricut or you add journaling to some pages!

Update on Craftie Gal!

Hi all…I know that you are probably eagerly awaiting another post from me. I am still on vacation and traveling in California! What a great trip this has been! I have much to share with you and show you so just hang with me a little while longer until I get back to posting. In the meantime, I’m sure that you have photos to sort and/or print!

Squeaky Baby Scrapbook Page

Here’s another baby scrapbook page.

Squeaky Baby Scrapbook page

Squeaky Baby Scrapbook page

This pretty page is a great budget scrapbook page.  It cost about $4 to make (or less…depending on what you have in your scrapbook stash!).   The paper was less than $1, the embellishments $1.99, and the scraps and adhesive add up to less than a dollar.  It came out nicely, although I still question whether I should have put a white shadow on the title.  Thoughts?

Here’ s a journaling tip for you: Try creating journaling that includes the title.  It will add cohesion to your page by linking your journaling and your title.  It’s not always easy, but check out how great this example came out:

Scrapbook Journaling

Scrapbook Journaling