Scrapbooking while traveling

I don’t know about you, but when I am away from my scrapbooks for too long I start to suffer withdrawl!

Making something with my hands is like therapy so I eagerly await the moments when I can tune out the rest of life and happily cut papers and make scrapbook pages.

When I travel I try to bring a little project with me. Thought you might like to share in my great idea:

Craftie Gal’s Scrapbook Withdrawal Prevention Kit!


Pre-cut titles and shadows for various titles

Xyron (sticker-maker) 150 (the small one)

Pre-cut shapes for cards (in this case I have easter cards that made last year that I never finished…the base of the card is complete so I brought the shapes and pieces for the rest of it)

Xyron (sticker-maker) 500 (the medium sized one + refill)

black journaling pen

tombo adhesive (x2)

I prepped everything before I left and made 5 “Hunny” titles, 16 cards, 2 elephants with hearts, and 8 “birth” titles.  It gave me something to do and provided a creative outlet even though I was away from home.  I will post pictures just as soon as upload them from my camera!

I highly recommend that you bring your own little kit of things to work on when you are on vacation–whether you finish up a paper piecing from your cricut or you add journaling to some pages!


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