Scrapbook Journaling

A while back I posted a page where I used my journal stamps for the first time. I want to revisit that conversation and talk a little bit about how that happened.

In the course of organizing my scrapbooking room I’ve read a lot of great books about organizing your scrapbook space. I took a little bit of advice from each of them and spent a lot of time thinking about my personal scrapbooking style.

I particularly liked a suggestion to make a scrapbook journaling basket to make it easy to start journaling. With everything you need in one place you can’t procrastinate yourself out of journaling on your pages.

Scrapbook Journaling Basket

Scrapbook Journaling Basket

What’s In My Scrapbook Journaling Basket:

Journaling Stamps: specifically, a circle stamp I LOVE by 7 Gypsies, a stamp with lines on it, and a sweet little stamp of Winnie the Pooh who is writing a note with a big feather pen.
Journaling Squares: Have you seen these journaling squares in stores? You can get them on a 12×12 sheet and punch them out for using in your scrapbook! I keep them in the basket so that I can grab them quickly when I’m ready to write.

Good Pens: I prefer the Zig pens.
I know that the cost might deter you as it did me for the first 20 times, but you get a crisp black line and in various sizes with the Zig set that I have. I highly recommend them to anyone doing very fine work like journaling (on scrapbook pages or on your own!).


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