Scrapbook Journaling – My Tips!

After yesterday’s post about journaling my thoughts and feelings I thought I’d share with you my best tip for scrapbook journaling.  This little scrapbook journaling suggestion can make all the difference:

Some thoughts on scrapbook journaling...I think that sometimes we write journaling like this: “We went to the park. We ate ham sandwiches for lunch. We slid on the slide.” That may be the most honest and accurate description of what happened, but it says nothing really about your day. Why were you at the park? Why THAT park? What made you laugh? Was it crazy because you were running up the ladder to the slide so fast to try and catch your child/brother/sibling? Do you always take your shoes off and stick your feet in the sand because it reminds you of the beach? Did you use the old picnic blanket your Mom gave you when you got married? Was it a special time just the two of you? THOSE are the things that scrapbooks are made for.

I suggest this exercise the next time you start to journal:  Write down all the who/what/when/where/why.  Then tell a friend about your photo.  What story did you just tell your friend?  Was it about how hot is was that day and how you ran in the sprinklers to cool off long enough to slide down the slide?  Whatever you told your friends is the real-life story you should journal on your page.  Add the location and the date in a note somewhere else.


One response to “Scrapbook Journaling – My Tips!

  1. Good thinking!

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