Soccer Scrapbook Pages 8×8

A few years ago I started 8×8 scrapbooks for my sister-in-laws. They are not very easy to buy for and I thought that this would be a nice thoughtful gift that we could give. This year the soccer star Patti got these pages from me. I took a little trip to see a few games in Colorado and had a chance to catch these moments and try out the sports mode on my camera.

Scrapbook Soccer Page 1

Scrapbook Soccer Page 1

I like using big photos. Big photos can show the size and scope of something that you don’t get from a 4×6. Don’t get me wrong, I print a lot of those too, but I find that I am now printing a lot more 5×7, 8×10, and wallets. Notice that one whole page of this double layout is only photo. I wanted to set off the gloriousness of the location on it’s own. In this little 8×8 scrapbook it was easy to do.

My journaling on this page was a little more personal too. It was a special thing to get to watch Patti play and I didn’t want to put Place/Date again, so I thought about what I was feeling that day and what it meant to me personally. I tried to reflect on our relationship and note the things that made me feel close to her and made her special in my mind.


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