A new use for an old thing…

Tool Tray

This tray for scrapbook tools came from my kitchen!  I cleaned out my utensil drawer and got rid of this organizer–it wasn’t helping to organize anything!  I put this kitchen drawer organizer to good use by organizing my current scrapbook tools-those must-have items while making a page.

I started using this tool tray last week.  I am constantly losing my scissors and adhesive under papers and pages so when I work I put things back in here and I can find them.  It also helps with easy clean up (I can just pop all the tools in there while I wipe off the table) and mobility.  I can grab my tray of scrapbook tools and scrapbook while I watch TV or work in another part of my craftie space.

I suggest that you look around house for unused or poorly used organizing items that you could use to organize your supplies!


One response to “A new use for an old thing…

  1. thefrugalcrafter

    Great idea…but I would need a much bigger tray LOL!

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