It’s 9:42 on Saturday night…

do you know where your craftie is?

Yes, I know that MOST people would be out having fun or something like that.

Instead I am organizing my clear acrylic stamps.

I’m trying to do one “organizing” thing a day to get my scrapbooking stuff in order for the new year.

My clear stamps took a beating in the last few months, by which I mean I used them a lot, probably more than ever before. I hosted three tag making workshops and bought a lot more new stamps too! I was particularly obsessed with Martha Stewart’s line at Michaels.

A friend suggested that I store my stamps in old CD cases and that’s working out pretty well. The way I craft and think makes me sort everything by theme, so my stamps are sorted that way too.

Tonight I spent some time just cleaning off all those acrylic blocks. They looked pretty disgusting. You can clean clear acrylic blocks the same as your acrylic stamps, I discovered, and just used the cleaning scrubbing pads that I use for my stamps.

These are INVALUABLE and I encourage any stamper to own more than one.

Well…back to that then…


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