Happy New Year!

I started my New Year by making 3 different kinds of dip and then throwing out a bunch of stuff I have in storage. Seriously…who needs some of this stuff??? An old vase that even grandma wouldn’t use? Empty containers and boxes for those presents I meant to send, but didn’t?

I also decided to add to my life by:
-joining a freecycle (www.freecycle.org) network in my area to donate things for free to people who might want them
-joining an online forum for crafties to spread the joy and love of scrapbooking and to get some great new ideas…oh and to make new friends
-vowed to throw out all the junk food in the house just as soon as my house guests leave. I end up eating more of it than they do.

Oh, and I ended the day by watching the USC Trojans put the beat down on Penn State. Go Trojans!!!


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