WHEW! More organizing of craftie space…

What a great day this has been. My craftie space is in my basement and while one half of the basement looks like the pile that time forgot, the craftie space is looking better.

I’m afraid that things might be growing under the pile of stuff I’m hording so I started cleaning up the “storage” side of the basement tonight. I got through a lot and I found some things that I needed (and now I don’t have to buy them!): an extra set of measuring cups, empty CD cases (for storing clear acrylic stamps), and 2 notebooks.

A little while later some friends joined me for my regular Sunday craftie night…after attempting to make a layout based on a sketch–that really does not work for me at all by the way–I ended up sorting through a pile of miscellaneous stuff that has been stacked up.

As I sorted my things I pulled out things that remind me of people…a note from my sister, a drawing from my brother. I’m hoping to incorporate them into a scrapbook page for each sibling about our relationship and what they mean to me. I’m saving it for their birthday.

Oh, and I played with MY NEW CRICUT!!!!


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