Zutter Entry

I am trying new things and trying to expand my craftie presence….for those of you who follow my work you know that I (a) LOVE mini-albums and (b) LOVE the Zutter Bind-It-All system which is a great way to solve any of your mini-album binding woes (it also solves a host of other scrappy dilemmas as well!).

They recently had a design team call and I designed a few projects for their “try out.”  It’s kind of scary thing because you create something that YOU love and YOU enjoy, but then you kind of put it out there to see if other people think it’s valuable.  It they don’t like it you could wind up thinking “maybe my stuff isn’t as good as I thought.”  It’s a risky endeavor and a little outside my comfort zone, but I follow the old adage: “No risk, no reward.”

Included in my entry was the mini-album below from an anniversary trip I took last June.
Zutter Entry Mini-Albums

MY TIP: When you have a great establishing photo or landscape photo like in the middle photo on the left, use it as a mini-album page all on its own.

View other Zutter projects here


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