Disney Castle Scrapbook Page

This simple page was easy and quick to make.  It was also a great addition to a Honeymoon album my friends and I put together as a wedding gift.

Let’s face it…who has time to make their own Honeymoon Scrapbook?  It certainly takes a back seat to children, work, and maintaining the home!!!  Most people I know would love to just get their photos of their kids in an album.  We decided to make it easy on this bride by creating some pre-made pages for her.  Together then three of us were to complete 12 two-page spreads, making it easy to get those photos right into an album.


This page only needed 5 sheets of paper: 2 blue for the background, 1 blue for the bottom border, 1 blue (could also be scrap paper) for the diamond border on the bottom, 1 white.

Additional items: adhesive, diamond die cut (I used sizzix, but you could always make your own template), decorative scissor, yellow ink, and castle embellishment.

I put the castle on a white square and inked it with yellow.  The white vertical squares are 4 1/4 x 6 1/4 inches to accommodate pictures.  The White diamond on the right hand side is for journaling and was adhered behind the page, but not on top to leave room to add a photo.  The bottom blue stripes were four inches.

Easy to make, fun to enjoy!


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