Launching now….

Well, tonight is momentous for so many reasons, but mostly because I’m starting this new blog for my new creative self. I’ve always been a creative person and I love to express that creativity in scrapbooking.  There’s something about cutting, pasting, and designing that is therapeutic for me.  It’s relaxing, requires total focus, and just puts my mind in another place.  I’m sure I don’t need to tell you about how great it feels to accomplish something and scrapbooking gets you there faster than cleaning the kitchen (and plus it’s more fun!).

For the last four years I’ve spent time moving in so many directions: running a scrapbook website, creating projects, holding workshops in my home, and trying to have a job too (in politics, in retail, in business)!  Some things have been successful.  Some things have failed.  Some things worked out, but only for a while. But always it seemed I was searching for something.  I needed focus and direction.  Some place to funnel all this ambition.

Now,  life is more settled.  I’m not moving in so many directions at once.  In fact, I feel free, even though my life has more obligations than ever before–being married, owning a home, and trying to maintain relationships and make new friends.

Well, tonight begins a new way of life….full of crafting and creating, focusing on the thing I LOVE BEST and not the things that people think I should be doing, things I studied for and therefore should pursue, or things that have a clear end.

Instead, bring on uncertainty and creativity!

Bring on mistakes and adventures!

Bring on challenges and new obstacles!

I hope you’ll join me on this journey to explore my creative side.  It will be fun for both of us.


One response to “Launching now….

  1. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed checking out all your great ideas on your blog! Please keep it up – – I love it!

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